I wholeheartedly agree with Murray here.  We should not

a) threaten to remove stable ABI;
b) remove stable ABI, violating our stability guarantees;
c) make ANY deprecation announcement to the external developer community before suitable replacements have been made available and given soak time.


However it's very easy to interepret that paragraph as "they are no longer
supported", so let's change the wording at least.

"We expect to deprecate these modules in a future version of GNOME when we
have suitable replacements for them. However, their ABI will never be
broken." might be simpler.

And anyway, we don't really "support" anything - we just don't break the
ABI, and we let various companies support them. "Support" would imply that
someone can come to us with a libbonoboui problem and expect a guarantee
of it being fixed.

However, I'm personally against making non-official official statements
that just spread doubt. An API is either deprecated or it's not. Anything
else should just be talk on a mailing list, and not an official statement
of API stability. This is also the opinion of the SUN guys who are
currently continuing privately (unfortunately) the API/ABI-stability

Murray Cumming
murrayc murrayc com

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