Re: Upcoming platform deprecations

<quote who="Murray Cumming">

> > We're not - we're just saying that they're going to be deprecated soon.
> However it's very easy to interepret that paragraph as "they are no longer
> supported", so let's change the wording at least.
> "We expect to deprecate these modules in a future version of GNOME when we
> have suitable replacements for them. However, their ABI will never be
> broken." might be simpler.

Soon, they will no longer be part of the release and therefore 'unsupported'
(even though, yes, that word is difficult and imprecise).

> However, I'm personally against making non-official official statements
> that just spread doubt. An API is either deprecated or it's not.

No, this wishy-washy approach has gone on too long. We need to tell our
platform users that these things are either a) not good or b) going away.
Not making it clear has been a train wreck.

- Jeff

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