Propose pyorbit for 2.13/2.14?


As I brought up previously[1]:

> According to James, gnome-python isn't useful without pyorbit
> (  If that's
> accurate (I guess that depends on your view of usefulness of
> libgnomeui and bonobo* vs. libgnome gnomecanvas, gnomevfs, and gconf,
> which I by no means would qualify as an expert to judge), then we
> should probably either have pyorbit proposed for addition in 2.13/2.14
> or else have gnome-python proposed for removal.

It seems now would be the right time to sort this out.  What route do
the python people want to take?  Last time it seemed that everyone was
heavily leaning towards proposing pyorbit for inclusion in the
bindings in 2.13/2.14, if that's still the case, now would be the
right time to do so.  Let us know if there's anything you need help



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