Re: Try the proposed modules!

On 11/12/05, Vincent Untz <vuntz gnome org> wrote:
> I've added the proposed modules to jhbuild and you can now easily build
> them and try them with a simple command line:
>         jhbuild build meta-gnome-proposed
> I think the dependencies of the proposed modules are okay, but everybody
> is welcome to fix any error I made.
> Now, everyone: let's try them so we can have an informed decision when
> including/rejecting these modules.

I've tried to add a "proposed" section, which should contain the
proposed modules from ,
to the translation status pages as well. If all goes well, it should
show up within a couple of hours at:
under the respective language page.

Translators, please try out the proposed modules if you have the time
for it, and please bug report any problems you might find (in
particular translateable message problems) at .



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