Re: libgnomeprintui string freeze breakages

On Sun, 2005-11-06 at 21:26 +0100, Christian Rose wrote:
> There has recently been a large number of commits in the string frozen
> libgnomeprintui HEAD module. At least 15 strings have been added or
> changed, and all of the commits appears to have been done by the same
> person.

That's me.

> From my understanding of the description, it's possible that these
> commits have not only been affecting the string freeze but also the UI
> freeze and feature freeze for GNOME 2.12.
> However, going back to the string freeze, please either:
> 1) revert thhe string changes and string additions from CVS HEAD as
> soon as possible
> or, alternatively,
> 2) create a string frozen and stable "gnome-2-12" branch without those
> changes, and let gnome-i18n gnome org, release-team gnome org and
> gnome-doc-list gnome org know about the new stable branch.

I've got a couple of features in mind that I'd like to continue to work

   Existing Tags:
        LIBGNOMEPRINTUI_2_12_1          (revision: 1.563)
        LIBGNOMEPRINTUI_2_12_0          (revision: 1.554)
        LIBGNOMEPRINTUI_2_11_0          (revision: 1.537)
        gnome-2-10                      (branch: 1.517.2)
        gnome-2-8                       (branch: 1.498.2)
        gnome-2-6                       (branch: 1.465.2)

There are already branches for 2-6, 2-6 and 2-10, therefore I guess
adding a branch 2-12 should be possible (based on the

I am not very familiar with CVS. Can someone help me in creating that

Lutz Müller <lutz topfrose de>

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