Re: Nautilus String Freeze Break Request

lör 2005-05-21 klockan 16:25 +0200 skrev Martin Wehner:
> Hello,
> I'd like to request a string freeze break for committing the patch at
> to the gnome-2.10
> branch of nautilus. I don't know much about I18n issues, but it was
> suggested that this is a critical bug for languages without plural forms
> which should be fixed on the stable branch too. I'm attaching the patch
> for convenience.

It looks like an important fix, so the patch has my approval from a
string freeze point of view. So from a string freeze point of view, you
should be ready to go.
Please let translators at gnome-i18n gnome org know (that they should
update their nautilus gnome-2-10 translations) once you've committed the
change into CVS, though.


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