Re: Language Bindings.

On Sat, 2005-05-14 at 13:58 -0400, Miguel de Icaza wrote:
> Hello members of the Gnome Release Team,
>    [Please forward to the appropriate list if am missing people]
>    Over the past year the Gtk# group had personal difficulties with
> Murray Cumming which is in charge of Language Bindings for Gnome.  We
> believe that we are being treated unfairly and that our stable binding
> has not been shipped with Gnome because of him.

Miguel appears to believe that I wish to make Gtk# look bad in order to
favor gtkmm. This is clearly ridiculous, but it's important that we have
the confidence of the community nevertheless, so I'm happy to get out of
the way.

By the way, the Gtk# maintainer, Mike Kestner, has expressed no problems
either with myself or a need for changes to the Platform Bindings
API/ABI rules, as far as I can recall. He's said that he expects to
propose Gtk# for the Platform Bindings in future.

>    Given this personal clash, I would like to ask the Release Team that
> the decision to include a binding on the release rests in a larger group
> of people, and not in a single individual.  
>    I proposed that the tasks of the language binding release maintainer
> should be subsumed to the release team.  But maybe just transfering the
> decision of shipping a binding to a larger group is all that matters.

As you know, I've always wanted help with this, partly to avoid exactly
this kind of accusation. I asked other bindings maintainers to join the
release team when we started Platform Bindings, without success. Maybe
it's time to ask again. However, I don't think Miguel will trust anyone
that I ask myself, so could someone else please take care of that?

I'd hope that anybody who takes this over continues to present the
Platform Bindings as APIs of equal validity and quality as the C
Platform APIs that they wrap.

Murray Cumming
murrayc murrayc com

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