gnome-session string freeze breakage

There has been an unannounced string freeze breakage in the string
frozen gnome-session for gnome-2-10, it seems that gnome-session has not
branched for gnome-2.10 yet.

Two new strings has been added.

These are the messages:

#: ../gnome-session/
msgid "Selected option in the log out dialog"

#: ../gnome-session/
msgid ""
"This is the option that will be selected in the logout dialog, valid values "
"are \"logout\" for logging out, \"shutdown\" for halting the system and "
"\"restart\" for restarting the system."

The relevant part of the log for gnome-session.schemas seems to be this:

revision 1.3
date: 2005/04/26 10:56:50;  author: carlosg;  state: Exp;  lines: +11 -0
2005-04-26  Carlos Garnacho Parro  <carlosg gnome org>

        Fix for #76791

        * new key for handling default
        option in the logout dialog
        * logout.c: implement option saving/restoring
        * headers.h: add the new key define

No warning had been given in advance for this addition. GNOME is in
string freeze, which means that prior announcement and approval of
string changes and string additions is needed, as described on

I suggest that this change should be reverted from the string frozen
branch. If people disagree with that, then I would like to hear some
motivation on why this change is considered important enough to break
the freeze and why it cannot wait until the next development cycle.

Best regards
Martin Willemoes Hansen

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