Re: Evolution Exchange Connector: UI freeze clarification

On 7/28/05, Praveen Kumar <kpraveen novell com> wrote:
> Hello -
> I am attaching a patch that fixes the bug 311712 in the Exchange
> Connector component of Evolution. The current version at HEAD doesn't
> report error on failure of folder subscription. The attached patch fixes
> it by popping up the error dialog. These error dialogs are not new to
> the application as they (dialogs with same error messages) are used at
> various other places. But they are new to the part of code that was
> fixed. I am wondering if this would affect the UI freeze. Can you please
> let me know your suggestion on committing this fix to the HEAD?

Yeah, looks like it affects UI freeze, but silently failing instead of
informing the user of the error sucks really badly.  Approval 1 of 2
for fixing on HEAD.

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