Re: [Epiphany] Request for advice regarding patch

On 7/23/05, Christian Persch <chpe gnome org> wrote:
> Hi,
> there's a patch for Epiphany
> [] in bug
> 141241 [] which makes
> Epiphany use the GNOME print dialogues from libgnomeprintui. It's mostly
> an UI change but could also be viewed as a feature; since we're past
> feature freeze, I'd like to ask about your opinion.
> Reasons I'd like to get this in:
> - improves GNOME integration of Epiphany
> - fixes some printing bugs [#163255, #301730]

Urgh. This is fairly borderline. :/ But given the known issues with
epiphany printing, and the  very laudable goal of better integration,
I say go for it. Hopefully I'll buy a printer soon and will be able to
test ;)


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