Re: GNOME Productivity release set

On 7/16/05, msevior physics unimelb edu au
<msevior physics unimelb edu au> wrote:

> I suspect the ABI and API stability will be a too big an ask. From
> AbiWord's perspective we're still working out how to build Word
> Processors. I don't think we want to constrain ourselves to this level of
> backward compatibility for a while.

Are you planning on adding libraries to the Productivity release set
that others would be developing against?  Even if you are, I thought
that the Productivity release was more akin to the Desktop release
than the Bindings or Platform releases.  The Desktop release is mostly
for applications but also contains libraries where no ABI or API
stability guarantee is made (e.g. libwnck, gnome-desktop, ...)


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