Re: String Freeze Approval for Evolution

tor 2005-02-10 klockan 16:42 -0500 skrev Rodney Dawes:
> Hi,
> The following patch has already been approved by appropriate Evolution
> maintainers, as well as the Gnome Release Team. However, during the
> review of the patch, we lapsed over into String Freeze, and now require
> your approval to commit the patch. Do you see any issues with committing
> this patch? Thanks.

(Docs Team, the mail with the patch can be found at

The patch seems to add or alter five translateable strings in total (not
counting the ones that already were translated elsewhere):

	"Create _vFolder"
	"Mark for Follo_w Up..."
	"_From this Address"
	"_Send New Message To..."
	"_To this Address"

I cannot see any obvious problems with the above messages, so you have
my approval. I hope that there won't be many more patches of this kind


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