Re: GTK+ bugs to fix before GNOME 2.12

> unfortunately a number of embarrassing bugs have crept in 2.8.0, and as
> of 2.8.2, some of them are still around. Here is the list of things I
> indend to fix in a 2.8.3 release early next week:
> 314452 Latest GTK+ locks up gnome-terminal
> 314470 gtkmenutoolbutton menu positioning wrong
> 314418 GtkPathBar goes out of sync if navigated too quickly
> If you agree to have these fixes in GNOME 2.12, you should use GTK+
> 2.8.3, which I plan to do next Monday, if no moreBrown-paper-bag
> bugs show up till then...

Many thanks for worrying about this.

Murray Cumming
murrayc murrayc com

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