Re: gnome-applets string freeze breakage

tor 2005-03-31 klockan 19:02 -0500 skrev Ryan Lortie:
> There exists a very simple solution to this problem.  Since nobody will
> see it anyway, I am more than willing to remove the _() from around the
> message in the stable branch.
> This means that end users (still) won't be affected, and in addition,
> the translation statistics will be able to show 100.00%.
> Is this acceptable?

In my opinion, yes. Since noone will hardly ever see that error message
anyway, removing the gettext call in the stable branch won't have much
effect in practice, and the problems with breaking the freeze are
avoided. Please just do this on the stable gnome-2-10 branch though; in
HEAD we want everything to be marked for translation.


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