Re: [Planner] planner 1.02 can't export html file

It is probably just subjective. I just thought it looked better and I
thought it had more detail on it. One concrete thing is the box that was
always up at the top left to allow you to go straight to a certain part.

On Mon, 19 Jul 2004, lincoln phipps openmutual net wrote:

> Stephen J. Gowdy wrote:
> > I had this problem on RHEL3 from the RPM. I just built it from source and
> > it was okay. Although I thought the HTML from 0.11 looked better.
> Stephen, - the HTML export for Planner 0.12 was tweaked a bit to make it
> 'better' but as usual thats always subjective but if you can describe
> whats not right with the current export then we can start to look at how
> we can make this better for all. It may be that we end up having
> multiple stylesheets with different themes; other projects do this and
> it maybe quite a nice thing for us as you can then add corporate or
> (paying) client branding to the exported HTML.
> gds,
> Lincoln.
> >

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