[Planner] Planner and 5 year projects


I am wondering if Planner can be used for 5 year projects with about 750
tasks to manage. 

I could have tried it myself but I am stuck for the moment with
compilation on a RH7.3 box. But I have played around with mrproject.

My main problem is that I have cases where one or more of the
predecessors is one or two years back. mrproject would not allow me to
specify more than 100 days !

Another issue, but rather minor, is that all my planing is in month and
not days.

Furthermore I have crashed other OpenSource management tools with tasks
above 100.

Thus I am still looking for my OpenSource management tool which I could
use now and for the 5 years to come for this big project !

Many thanks for your help.

	Best regards


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