Re: [Planner] Name of month in Gantt chart printout


I think it would be nice to get both. So you don't have to look into a
calender to switch between month and week view.

Heinz-Josef Claes

Am Mi, den 11.02.2004 schrieb Richard Hult um 16:56:
> ons 2004-02-11 klockan 14.17 skrev Peter Dieth:
> > Hi all,
> > 
> > is there any way to get the name of the month instead
> > of the week number in Gantt chart printouts?
> Currently you can't set the zoom level separately for printing, is uses
> the same level as the gantt chart on screen, so if you zoom out until
> you get month names, you'll get the same when you print.
> If anyone wants to take a look at implementing the missing UI bits for
> setting the print zoom/etc, I can give you a hint.
> /Richard
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