Re: [Planner Dev] MSP2Planner

Kurt Maute wrote:

Ok, here's the scoop:

Properties:  I tried creating some custom properties on the MSP side, but they weren't included in the msp.xml file when I saved it, so that one's out.

Phases:  MSP doesn't seem to have an equivalent.

Resource Groups:  Exist but the value in converting is dubious given the level of effort needed.
MSP offers nothing more than a text field on the resource to denote the group, and group names aren't stored anywhere but on the individual resources, so we'd be trying to do a many to one conversion (similar to the calendar day type issue), which is difficult to do with xslt.
After some digging, it looks like it could be done by using a variable to hold a result tree fragment describing the groups, and then use the node-set() function to allow a lookup when associating the resources with the groups (since planner does it by number, not by name).  The catch is that node-set() is part of the exslt extension set, and I'm not sure if libxsl can handle that.
So bottom line on this one is I'd like to get what we've got integrated into planner and then I can play around with Resource Groups and Calendars and see if it doesn't break.

It sounds like what you have at this point will be very useful for a lot of people!

Like I've said before, if someone wants to take a look at integrating this as a planner plugin, I can give some hints. I most likely won't have much time to do this myself at the moment.


Imendio HB,

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