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Richard Hult wrote:
Jani Tiainen wrote:

Jani Tiainen wrote:

Jani Tiainen wrote:

Well I recently started from scratch to build planner under Cygwin and encoutered following things:

libgcrypt, libesd, libgnome-keyring is not tested while configure process is run.

Let's add libssl to list.

And libresolv. This lib is interesting since there is winsock in windows that works sameway that libresolv, only thing that is missing is wrapper for win32 API..

Of course real resolv lib can be compiled OOTB, but it doesn't work (at least not very well). What for it is in Planner?

All these libs are indirect dependencies, not used in planner but by libraries that planner use.

Hmm, interesting since I tought depedencies to libs are picked up via pkgconfig and I'm not sure where eg. libresolv appeared, since it's needed only when compiling planner application itself...


Jani Tiainen

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