Re: [Planner Dev] Roadmap for 1.0

On Mon, 2004-07-26 at 08:06, Richard Hult wrote: 
> > Did you ever end up making this change?  I thought at one point in the
> > v0.12 development I noticed the behavior change, but now it looks like
> > its back to the way it was.  ...or maybe I'm just imagining things?
> I did, but we had to change it back to get undo working properly due to
> a limitation in the treeview's handling of editing cancellation. We
> might be able to enable it in HEAD again since that's been improved in
> gtk+ 2.4.
> /Richard

ok.  I submitted bug #148624 so we don't forget about it, and also added
some extra thoughts about key bindings as a bonus. ;)

Kurt Maute <Kurt Maute us>

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