[Planner Dev] Re: [Evolution-hackers] Planner<->Evolution

On Thu, 2004-07-15 at 13:09 +0200, Alvaro del Castillo wrote:
> Hi guys!
> In Planner, we are thinking in how in the best way to integrate
> Evolution and Planner.
> Planner is a project management tool and we have some concepts that map
> very well to evolution ones: Resources (Addressbook) and Tasks.
> 1. I am thinking that the first step to integrate Planner and Evolution
> could be to make planner data visible using e-d-s, i.e., implementing
> backend of  ECalBackend and EBookBackend for planner, so for example,
> evolution can have another source for tasks and addressbook using the
> data in planner, read and write to it.
> 2. The other kind of integration is that planner could use also e-d-s as
> a data source for loading the data for a project. I haven't clear how to
> do it and if it is a good idea. But I can see that importing resources
> or tasks from Evolution into planner (for example, in this way we can
> get the resources from a LDAP using e-d-s) could be a nice feature.
this is definitely the best option IMO. It would make e-d-s the central
user's data store for all apps. Of course, we might need to add some
stuff to e-d-s that planner already has.

Another good integration would be to have a project evolution component,
which could make use of all data (calendars, addressbooks, mails, tasks)
to group them by project and show a good detailed view of all things
related to that project. Entourage (Outlook for Mac OS) has something
similar (not sure if I'm right or not since I've only seen it in a
magazine), which has a project tree with several projects, and a view
that shows mails, events, tasks, etc related to that project.

> I think that we are going to start with approach 1, so we can work with
> planner projects from evolution. But I would love to know what do you
> think about approach 2.
both approaches would need to add support for some stuff that planner
needs, like subtasks, IIRC what we talked. So maybe that would be a good
first step also.


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