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Hi guys!

El sáb, 07-02-2004 a las 04:04, Richard Hult escribió:
> tor 2004-02-05 klockan 08.44 skrev Lars Brandi Jensen:
> > Hello
> > 
> > I have made a draft for MySQL tables. It is importing well to MySQL 
> > 4.0.1, but I know there is something new in 4.1.0 like support for 
> Thanks!
> > boolean. A review of the structure would be nice :
> Any MySQL experts here? :)
> I'm not sure what the next step is. Perhaps to unify the both schemas
> somehow and try to move the gda code to not use vendor specific
> features? Alvaro, do you have any hints? :)

Actual SQL code isn't usable in MySQL with widely used versions (3.x.x).
It uses CURSORS in lots of places, something that MySQL doesn't have. I
am not an expert in MySQL so maybe I could be wrong, but for use MySQL
as storage backend we have to modify a lot the to MySQL code.

In next versions of libgda, 1.2 I think, the CURSOR (and other things)
code will be embedded in the library, so you can safely don't use cursor
and let libgda to manage this kind of things.

So we have paths right now:

- Start simplifying the SQL code, something that could be good thinking
in libgda 1.2,  so we can start using the MySQL database.

- Wait until libgda 1.2 hits the streets and convert the SQL code. I CC
Rodrigo Moya, the mantainer and project leader of libgda, so he can
guide us in this decission.


-- Alvaro

> /Richard

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