[Planner Dev] Planner Windows port

Hi all...

Finally I got Planner to compile and run under cygwin. See pictures at http://www.sunpoint.net/~jtiai/

Currently I'm polishing configure and makefiles to build planner "out-of-box" without much of a hazzle.

I had brutally commented out all gconf/gnome/gnomeui/gnome-vfs dependencies and there must be found alternatives, at least on win32 platform.

Also I wrote dummy win32 configuration file which needs to be completed before it can be actually used.

But hey this is a good start.

Note: I tried to run Planner w/o cygwin and it works if all necessary DLL's and are taken with and hardcoded paths are changed... (this is something that must be taken account on win32...)


Jani Tiainen

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