Fwd: Re: [Planner Dev] Suggestion regarding file extensions: suggesting compressed XML files.

How about .plx (planner xml)
How and  .plz for (planner zip)

if 4  letters are used then perhaps

plnx and plnz  (at first I tried plax but it made me think of my teeth :-)


.pnr sounds a bit like "personal number" and nothing like a plan of any

> I'm also concerned that "Planner" on its own is not free of
> trademark/copyright globably whereas the compound product name
> of "GNOME Planner"  if almost certainly not trademarked.
> This use of two words is a good way of protecting a name
> e.g. "Microsoft Word" or "Microsoft Office" is the product
> name though everyone says "Office" or "Word" -both or which
> are generic names.

Question is, do we need to trademark Planner? We had a thought of
calling it Imendio Planner when we changed the name, perhaps we should
go ahead and doing so.

> .gpn  - for the regular XML files (i.e. mrproject)
> .gpz  - for the future Gzippped format (if we go that way)

Not sure that we should change the suffix then. The suffix doesn't need
to be only three letter either, so if we can come up with a better name
than .mrproject (which is a really lousy name these days ;) that is like
four letters that's totally fine.

  Mikael Hallendal
Imendio HB, http://www.imendio.com/

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