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Hi Rozita,

Finding the address of the server is general CORBA issue (so you might want to post your question to a general CORBA list - better yet search their FAQs). The best approach for you depends on the pattern of useage for your client and server. The simplest approach is the one you already have: server writes an IOR to file, client reads IOR from file. This works easily if client and server are on the same machine. If they are on separate machines the file needs to be transmitted (ftp, scp, http, ...) or shared via a network file system (nfs, samba, ...). I haven't used the Naming Service (or alternatively Bonobo Activation Server/Service?) much, but with remote machines I think you still have to find the IOR of the naming service anyway.

Rozita Raissi wrote:

Dear Bowie,
Thanks for your favor and your help.There is something that is not clear
to me:My client and server programs use an IOR file to make connection
with each other.It means that server converts its object reference into
a string and writes this string into an IOR file and client reads that
string from that file and converts that string into an object reference
and accesses the services provided by the server through that reference.
Could my client and server applications run on a network by this
implementation or I must use Naming Service for their communication?


On Thu, 2003-09-25 at 02:36, Bowie Owens wrote:
Hi Rozita,

By default ORBit only accepts connections from the local machine and uses communication protocols that will be efficient for such a situation. You have to configure it to support communication over the network. One way is to pass as a command line argument to both your client and server --ORBIIOPIPv4=1. This tells ORBit to use the IPv4 protocol for communcation and opens up connections to remote machines. The ORBit documentation should contain details.

Rozita Raissi wrote:

Dear friend,
I've written a simple client/server application which run on my system
correctly but the client and server applications could not be run on
different machines.Would you please help me?

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