Need clarification about conv_frame.idl vs CONV_FRAME.idl


I'm working on a Mac, 10.4.2 system, HFS+ file system (default file system on a Mac).

While checking out ORBit2 module from CVS, I've got a cvs conflict between src/idl/interop/conv_frame.idl and src/idl/interop/ CONV_FRAME.idl because HFS+ is case-preserving, but case-insensitive.

I've seen that conv_frame.idl is used in the, but could not see any mention of CONV_FRAME.idl.

Based on that, I deleted CONV_FRAME.idl in my local repository and replaced it with a manual download of conv_frame.idl to solve the case-insensitivity problem. Is this correct assumption?


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