Re: --skeleton_impl question

Jules Colding wrote:

>I have a question regarding the skeleton implementation of *_create().
>The skeleton code makes the servant keep a reference to the parent poa
>by doing something like:
>   newservant->poa = poa;
>Wouldn't it be more correct to do:
>  newservant->poa = (PortableServer_POA) CORBA_Object_duplicate((CORBA_Object)poa, ev);
good point.

But, the new servant is created in context of poa, so poa will reference 
the object allready. Now, if servant increments counter of poa, this 
would lead to a cyclic referencing between poa and servant. Cyclic 
referencing should be avoided, isn't it?

What do you think?

Cheers, Frank

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