Re: Re: The problem still persists

Hello, Michael. This is what my profile contains:
>less /etc/orbitrc


There's any way to make sure that the profile is being used??

I'm executing ORBit2-2.7.0 in a Debian, and I'm
sure that I transfer the IOR from server to client each time I re-run the server
What I'm not sure is about the SSL stuff. If you're asking me if I have
explicitly configured Orbit to use SSL I would say no, but if SSL is active in
the machine and Orbit takes that into account to make connections .... Well, how
can I get sure of that? 


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> Hi Sergio,
> On Mon, 2003-05-05 at 08:16, Sergio Pérez?ßISO-8859-1?Q?Alcañiz wrote:
> > Hello Michael, here are the links you asked me for. I hope that what
> is
> > happening is not so horribly ;)
> 	Well - it looks like you're making some sort of connection from the
> client <-> server but it's doing some recv / send action - which may be
> SSL authentication. Are you trying to use the SSL connection ? and/or
> have you build this with SSL enabled ? that may be a mistake - that
> code
> is not really tested.
> 	Having said that, it's unclear where the recvfrom comes from -
> inasmuch
> that the server appears not to have sent it - so perhaps that's just
> DNS; in which case we see only that you attempt to connect to a local
> profile, and fail - followed by nothing - almost as if you didn't have
> an IPv4 profile enabled on whatever you're trying to connect to there.
> 	Very odd; you are _certain_ that the IOR you connected to in that
> trace
> contained a valid IPv4 profile ? [ and that you understand that you
> have
> to transfer the IOR from server to client each time you re-run the
> server ? ;-]
> 	Regards,
> 		Michael.
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