strange ORBit2 bugs ... & IDL distribution

Hi there,

	Jpr just brought bug:

	to my attention; this is caused by a rather nasty backwards
compatibility issue; The root problem is that if you generate
stubs/skels on a new machine, and then ship them to an old machine, they
don't work against the older ORB on that machine.

	Ie. we remain fully backwards compatible at all times; however we can't
be forwards compatible always; thus if you build '2.6' stubs and run
them against a '2.4' ORB you get problems. The reverse is never true -
it's always safe to run '2.4' stubs against '2.6', '2.8' ... ORB.

	Unfortunately, autotools makes it very easy to ship auto-generated
code; in fact you have to work hard to stop it; thus, if anyone is
building IDL in their project I recommend that you use:

DONT_DIST_SOURCE = $(CORBA_SOURCE) $(marshal_sources)

	for file in $(DONT_DIST_SOURCE) ; do \
	    rm -f $(distdir)/$$file ; \

	Which can be used to delete your glib-genmarshal created stuff, and any
IDL stubs/skels/common (cf. libbonobo/bonobo/

	That will ensure your project is fully backwards compatible, and that
targets generated on old machines will still run perfectly.



--  <><, Pseudo Engineer, itinerant idiot

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