Re: Ist orbit ORB compatible with Java-ORB?

Yes, at least ORBit 0.5.15 was. I assume ORBit-2 would be as well, although I 
don't have first hand experience with that particular combination. I had a 
client in Java and a server in C++. I've since stopped using Java for my 
Client and switched to C++ though.

What you're suggesting should work. Make sure you have DNS support if you're 
on a private LAN. That bit me once when running the Java client on Windows. 


On Thursday 21 August 2003 02:15 am, Wei Chen wrote:
> Hello,
> I am going to do a server/client project for my
> graduated course. In this project, the client will be
> written in C/C++ and the server in Java(JDK1.3). In
> order to smooth the communication between different
> written languages and plattfors, I will going to use
> the CORBA ORB. On the server-site I use the Java-ORB
> (included in JDK1.3), on the client site I will try to
> use the orbit ORB. But I am not sure if they are
> compatible. Has someone idea or even experiences?
> Regards
> Wei Chen
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