Re: Objective-C

>>>>I'm playing around with OpenGroupware & CORBA - we've been looking for a
>>>>Groupware package and have internal CORBA systems.  But OpenGroupware is
>>>>written in Objective-C.  I google'd around a bit and didn't find a whole
>>>>lot of information concerning language bindings between ORBit2 and
>>>>Objective-C and was wondering what the "status" was?
>>>	AFAIK there is no objective C binding for ORBit2 - however, you should
>>>be able to use any CORBA binding that exists for Objective C against
>>>ORBit2 - due to the miracle of the GIOP, [ although you'll prolly need
>>>to open up a local TCP/IP port to do that ].
>> There doesn't appear to be any CORBA bindings for ObjC, for any ORB. :(
>> I'm thinking I'll have to create a C/C++ wrapper for the libraries.
>As Objective-C is a true superset of C (unlike C++), you could use ORBit
>via its C binding. I haven't tried that myself, but as long as none of
>the public symbols used by ORBit clash with ObjC keywords then you'll be

I'll give that a try.  UseNet seems to indicate that linking C libraries 
into ObjC isn't a problem (I'm just a C guy, never used ObjC before - at 
first it looks quite strange).

Thanks.  I'll post if I run into any really wierd problems.

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