Re: corba components

Hi Christoph,

On Sat, 2003-04-26 at 18:00, wrote:
> However, I was referring to the (so called?) CorbaComponentModel CCM,
> announced with Corba 3.0, sorry that I didn't mention it clearly. AFAIK
> these components "implement" most of the "low-level" bonobo-interfaces
> (event source, attributes, facets (aggregated objects), very nice IDL
> ;-), so I was wondering why there's no implementation (sure, I know
> Orbit's targeting Corba 2.4...). Or is the CCM-interface concerned as
> being to "bloated" (I believe that was the reason why the
> InterfaceRepository was not used, right?)?

	The reasons Gnome didn't use the CCM are several fold; primarily it
post-dates Gnome, and looked as if it would never freeze. Secondarily
while bonobo/CCM share the name 'component' model; the CCM is designed
primarily for 3 tier solution provision, replacing EJBs (AFAIR) - while
Gnome's components are targeted ~exclusively at desktop component use.

	Having said that; I'd be happy to see an ORBit-CCM module with an
implementation of the CCM ;-) 



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