Re: ORBit object IDs

Hi, Huw

	This should not be the case. I'll check the code for that, but
in the spec it clearly indicates that the ObjectId can have any
data inside (such as nul), so it cannot be treated like a string.

	Best regards.

On Fri, May 03, 2002 at 01:37:43PM +0900, Huw Rogers wrote:

| Does anyone know why does ORBit insist that object IDs are string-like
| and null terminated? AFAIK there's nothing in the standard that requires
| that the sequence<octet>s that are object IDs be string-like.
| I'm concerned about orbit_poa.c:591, which g_assert()'s null termination,
| and also comments elsewhere in the code referring to strlen() of the
| object ID - when actually it can be binary data with embedded nulls.
| BTW this refers to ORBit 0.5.15, but the same issue may be in ORBit2
| 	-Huw
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