Re: ORBit-0.5.17 not working with MICO 2.3.7?

I'm attaching an ORBit client and server example and a MICO client and

I can get ORBit client to talk to the MICO server...   But I can't get the
MICO client to talk to the ORBit server.

Is there a fix that didn't get put into ORBit?  I've tried to have the MICO
iordump program decode the ORBit IOR and that fails.

Any assistance appreciated.

It's set up so both the ORBit and MICO programs write an "echo.ior" file
into the current directory...  then as long as you are in the same
directory as the server you can invoke either client.

e.g.   cd mico ; ./server &; ../orbit/client
        or cd orbit ; ./server &; ../mico/client

I seem to recall discussion about a change being done for ORBit2 that dealt
with MICO/ORBit2 compatability (something with the IOR's?)....  Did that
change get applied to ORBit 1?

(See attached file: echotest.tar.gz)


David Haverkamp


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