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Murray Cumming <> wrote:
> By the way, can you tell me something about this 'C++ ORB'. Why do we
> need a separate ORB? I thought that Orbit/C++ just provided C++
> stubs/skels which in turn used the C stubs/skels. Please forgive my
> ignorance.

The C++ language mapping specifies a bunch of operations for the ORB and
POA, smart pointers for CORBA Objects, operations on Anys and so on.
When I say "ORB", I usually mean the chunk of code currently in the
orb-cpp directory which implements these things.

ORBit-C++ implements most operations by simply calling the C equivalent,
but some operations (like operations on Anys) take advantage of some of
the features of C++ like operator overloading. Other features like smart
pointers don't have any equivalent in the C mapping (as far as I know),
so need to be implemented entirely as part of the C++ ORB.

As Michael has mentioned, it'd be nice if the majority of the C++ ORB
and POA could be generated from the PIDL as stubs around the C ORB and
POA. There will still be a few things that need to be coded by hand
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