random commits to ORBit stable

Hi Guys,

	Trying to track down a bug in ORBit-stable on Power PC was ( and is )
made extremely, tediously, soul wrackingly difficult by the lack of a
suitable ChangeLog entry.

	Furthermore I don't recall seeing the broken patch discussed here - it
looks like it just 'magically' appeared in CVS. This is _really_
under-appreciated in a stable branch.

	So; since I can't get LXR to work with branches at all well, and there
is no ChangeLog - can someone own up to:

diff -uNr ORBit-2001-05-30/src/orb/allocators.c
--- ORBit-2001-05-30/src/orb/allocators.c       Fri Mar 16 03:32:06 2001
+++ ORBit-2001-10-03/src/orb/allocators.c       Mon Oct  1 10:21:38 2001
@@ -84,7 +84,7 @@
        block->free = freefunc;
        block->func_data = func_data;
-       block->free_marker= FREE_MARKER_IS_ALLOCATED;
+       block->u.free_marker= FREE_MARKER_IS_ALLOCATED;
        return MEMINFO_TO_PTR(block);
@@ -116,7 +116,7 @@
        /* This block has not been allocated by CORBA_alloc. Instead
          * it is memory in the receive buffer, that has been used in
          * demarshalling. Let's just return. */
-       if (block->free_marker != FREE_MARKER_IS_ALLOCATED)
+       if (block->u.free_marker != FREE_MARKER_IS_ALLOCATED)


	Can someone explain _why_ we need this optimization, where it was
discussed, and why it was committed ?

	Also - it would be greatly appreciated if those ChangeLog haters would
reform themselves and write proper ChangeLog entries.	



 mmeeks@gnu.org  <><, Pseudo Engineer, itinerant idiot

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