ORBit2 problem with /tmp

hi all,

This is a forward of a mail I sent to Michael yesterday.

Please cc: me when responding, I'm not subscribe to orbit-list (I'm already 
subscribed to too much GNOME lists..)

as part of our tests for Mandrake 9.0, we have discovered that ORBit2
doesn't work correctly (it crashes) when a Mandrake system is set to
security level 5 (a lot of things are not permitted for normal users..)

After some investigations, it seems ORBit2 doesn't like at all when /tmp
is not readable by everyone (security level 5 enforces /tmp not readable
by users).. 

I've look quickly to ORBit2 code and it seems the scan_socket_dir is the
guilty method.. Since I'm not sure how to fix this problem cleanly (ie
without regression in ORBit behavior), I prefer to ask you :)

Frederic Crozat

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