GEP / C++ bindings ...

Hi Gergo, Murray,

	Just writing up the GEP proposal for adding the C++ bindings into the
mainline; and I must admit, the more I look at it - the less convincing
the case seems to me.

	Any chance you guys could have a look at this ? I'm beggining to lean
towards adding some interfaces that we can support to help you ...



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Title: REQUIREMENTS GEP 1: ORBit C++ bindings

We need to integrate the C++ bindings for ORBit2, it's not clear how to do this, we also need a new maintainer for it.

1. Administrivia

Document Owner
Michael Meeks
August 9, 2002
Discussion Period Ends
August 23, 2002
Discussion List
Responsible Persons
Michael Meeks Mark McLouglin Owen Taylor,

2. Proposal

2.1 Internal API exposure

Since the C++ bindings involve using a fairly large amount of ORB internal API, it is undesirable to split them from the ORB. These APIs include the binary servant layout and idl-compiler interfaces. It's possible that we could work exposing these.

2.2 Packaging convenience

Introducing the C++ bindings into core ORBit2 may cause portability problems, and while these can be obviated by a conditional build, this seems problematic.

2.3 API / ABI stability

The C++ bindings are however, immature and should not be considered ABI stable, however - since they have to conform to the standard CORBA C++ binding perhaps this is no problem.

2.4 Maintenance

The C++ bindings would need a separate maintainer, but it would seem to make some sense to have these modules in the same place.

3. Issues Raised During Discussion

So far none.

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