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On Sat, 2002-07-06 at 10:32, wrote:
> "Craig W. Wright" wrote:
> > I brought the client over and I could not get it to connect to the
> > server process. Actually, it would "dereference" my server's stringified
> > object, but I could not call any of the methods on it. The client would
> > report a Comm Failure and from what I can tell nothing is getting over
> > to the server at all. (This is with Java running under windows and the
> > server still under Linux). I also have JDK 1.3.1 for Windows.
> >
> > So I ran a couple of tests. I setup an "echo" client/server written with
> > orbit and java. The client was running on windows in Java and the
> > servers on my Linux box. The windows box was able to connect to the
> > Linux box when I ran the Java server, but I got the same errors as
> > before when I tried to connect to the ORBit server.
> > 
> > Has anyone heard of this before? Basically Java on Windows won't
> > communicate with ORBit, but Java under Linux will.
> Say, might this be the old "can't ping the server from the
> client using the hostname reported on the server by /bin/hostname"
> problem?  Could be a DNS problem.

Does IIOP depend upon DNS is some way. I figured a numeric IP address to
be packaged in the IOR, although I must admit I don't know a lot about
CORBA. I can ping the machine based on its hostname though. 

> If that's not it, can you use Ethereal or windump or whatever
> and get a packet trace to verify your suspicion that the
> client on Windows is not sending any packets to the server?

I used ethereal on my server and realized that there are no packets
arriving that are originated by the client program. 

In addition I've tried compiling my test program with Mico, and it
doesn't work either. There's something going on here at a deeper level.
The only thing is that the java server will work...  

Do you have any other ideas? I was going to try ORBit-2, but I don't
think this will actually help, and is proving to be difficult to build
because of all of its dependencies. 

Is there anyone out there successfully using orbit on Linux with Java
running on Windows 2000? 

> - Dan

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