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Hi, my name is Doug and I am new to this list and new to CORBA. Please pardon any naieveity on my part.

I just wanted to throw in my $0.02.

In order to use the URL-like format for resolving refrences ORBit would have to support INS (the Interoperable Naming Service). This is defined in orbos/98-10-11 (

From _CORBA 3: Fundamentals and Programming_ 2nd Edition by Jon Siegel, PhD Chap. 2, pg 17: "The Interoperable Naming Service (INS) defines one URL-format object reference, corbaloc, that can be typed into a program to reach defined services at a remote location, including the Naming Service. A second URL format, corbaname, actually invokes the remote Naming Service using the name that the user appends to the URL, and retrieves the IOR of the named object.
  For example, a corbaloc identifier

Lennon Day-Reynolds wrote:

Actually, the CORBA 2.4 spec defines a URL format for resolving CORBA references; this might be a good way (in the future, anyway) to make the initial services available. I can dig up the description from the OMG spec, if it would help, but I'm fairly certain that there's no support for URL-based resolution in the ORBit implementation.

Lennon Day-Reynolds <lennon kestrel edu>
Software Engineer
Kestrel Institute

Christian Robottom Reis wrote:

On Thu, 17 May 2001, Frank Rehberger wrote:

I dont understand how to connect to the nameservice of orbit.
The following shows my code:

I assume here that you are running orbit-name-server, included in the
ORBit distro, yes?

orb  = CORBA.ORB_init(sys.argv, CORBA.ORB_ID)
poa  = orb.resolve_initial_references("RootPOA")
service = orb.resolve_initial_references("NameService")

Ah, your error lies here, and I'd like Tack to comment if he may.
Look, every CORBA-ized object publishes an object reference for itself. If
you have noticed, when you run o-n-s, it prints to stdout it's own IOR.

Now I think the standard facility for retrieving this is from etc/orbitrc
or ~/.orbitrc. Which means AFAICS that if you run the NameService, you
have to paste the IOR into that file. I know of no other way to do it, but
perhaps Eliott or somebody from orbit can help.

This is a definite problem, since you'll be running the nameservice with
interruptions, possible, which means you'll have to update the file in
realtime. I avoid doing that completely by going an orthogonal way: I
catch the nameserver reference from o-n-s and:

a) store it in a file in an nfs-shared directory, where clients can catch

b) publish the reference through a webserver or whatever other means. I
personally created a tiny socket server and client that just spits the IOR

Now my personal opinion is that's just plain annoying. But CORBA -- not
ORBit, I think, put perhaps it lacks a service (from what I grasp of it)
provides no standard mechanism to bootstrap the IOR, and that's evil. And
since GNOME publishes IOR in another fashion (using xprops, I think) it
doesn't bother them enough to implement some standard workaround :-)

I would like to list the nameservice content.
Who can help me?

I used to have some clients but I seem to have lost them. I'm attaching
the evil solution I use, so you can check it out. Please comment out the
part referring to the configfile as I don't really want to hack this right
now :-)

Take care,
/\/\ Christian Reis, Senior Engineer, Async Open Source, Brazil
~\/~ | [+55 16] 274 4311

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