Re: GLib 2.0 ORB?

Eric Lemings <eric b lemings lmco com> writes:

> This is a question I've been wanting to ask for some time.  Apologies if
> it's slightly OT.
> I'm by no means an expert on CORBA but I was wondering if there were any
> technical reasons why a developer could not use ORBit to create an ORB
> for GLib 2.0?

Well, there are "problems" with this. Problems which I hope will be fixed
soon but which I don't want to discuss here.

However, there's an unofficial patch which will allow you to compile
ORBit 0.5.x with GLIB 2.0. It's not very complicated, all that needs to be
done are a few changes in to make it use GLib 2.0 and some changes to make it use other library names. There are no code
changes necessary.

You can find the patch in GNOME CVS in gnome-libs HEAD in the patches/
directory. There's also an experimental tarball available at my home page:

Martin Baulig
martin gnome org (private)
baulig suse de (work)

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