Re: idl-compiler creates 0xdeadbeaf generating skelsinorbit-stable-0-5

On Fri, 16 Mar 2001, Sebastian Wilhelmi wrote:

> Well, of course we can't break binary compatiblity right now, but I
> still think, that declaring CVS HEAD dead is really a bad idea. Lots
> of good work mostly by Kennard has gone into HEAD and evolving ORBit
> seems better to me than throwing everything away and starting anew,
> which basically means reinventing the wheel several times. But who am
> I to object...

You are assuming incorrectly. The work didn't all get thrown away; I did
cut & paste on a bunch of the POA code, for example. I just think it is
better to start from scratch and try to preserve desirable portions, than
it is to start from an existing codebase and try to excise undesirable

-- Elliot
The truth knocks on my door, and I say
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