Re: idl-compiler creates 0xdeadbeaf generating skels in orbit-stable-0-5

Martin Baulig wrote:
My problem is the following:

    _impl_report_activation_succeeded(_ORBIT_servant, &(result), ev);
-   OAF_ActivationResult__free(&result, NULL, CORBA_FALSE);
+   OAF_ActivationResult__free(&result, NULL, CORBA_TRUE);

This seems to be the same error we have with strings - the sequence buffer point
into the receive buffer:
               result.res._u.res_shlib._buffer[_ORBIT_tmpvar_7] =
                  (void *) _ORBIT_curptr;
so we free it twice :-(

But unfortunately I do not understand the idl compiler enough to fix that bug.

- Dietmar

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