Re: Changes to DynamicAny.

Hi Michael,

> On Fri, 9 Mar 2001, Elliot Lee wrote:
> > On Fri, 9 Mar 2001, Sebastian Wilhelmi wrote:
> > > As an alternative we could of course simply leave things broken and
> > > fix it in ORBit2 (which needs to be done anyway, Elliot, are you
> > > listening?)
> >
> > Michael Meeks is the dynany master; you need to coordinate all the
> > dynany changes with him, including getting the thing ported to ORBit2
> > eventually I guess.
>         I asked Dietmar to commit his dynany fixes, are there any more
> outstanding ? I'd love to see patches.

Dietmar sent me the changes. I just wanted to make sure, we fix it right. And
the current names in ORBit are wrong according to the OMG specs (I lookes at
the last version 2.3 though, but I didn't think, they changes it).

The real question is the following:

Do new versions of bonobo have to work with old versions of ORBit-0.5.*. The
answer most probably is yes. That means, we just leave the wrong function
names for those function, that bonobo is using and define them to the right
ones, which bonobo should be using after the next release of ORBit, i.e.
bonobo would require the last ORBit version to compile, but nor to run (But of
course it would just (dynamicaly) link, not work, as dynany is not complete in
old ORBit-version). Does that sound reasonably?

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