memory leaks in orbit

   This may be a repetition - but i need a fix for the same.

   All the orbit servers (or servant) executables are leaking some memory on
repeated calls. I have tested this for orbit-name-server(redhat7/uClinux) and
also for echo-server(on uClinux).

   I even used the preinstalled(that came as part of redhat7) orbit-name
server and got the same leaks. My estimate puts the leak to around 100 bytes
per call (may vary). The attached file shows how to reproduce the same on
linux (redhat7) and also the logs of process size as it grew.

   The installed version said "libIDL 0.6.8 (CORBA 2.2)" while the debugging
version is 0.5.7 of ORBit. The debug version had communication over n/w
enabled in the code, while no such effort was undertaken for installed

   I am sure others would have noticed this.
   Any suggestion as to how to fix it would be welcome.


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