Re: BUG in CORBA_ORB_object_to_string, created bad IOR, .....

On Thursday 01 March 2001 15:10, you wrote:
> Hello all,
> I have o problem using the ORBit CORBA_ORB_object_to_string method. I am
> working on a PHP extension that uses ORBit to access a CORBA application
> server (Visibroker). All is ok (or almost :-)) until I use
> CORBA_ORB_object_to_string. This gives me a warning (BUG in
> CORBA_ORB_object_to_string, created bad IOR, .....), and if I try to
> access the returned string, I get a Speicherzugriffsfehler (memory
> access error). There is no exception, just the warning, and a bad
> string. I'm using a cvs version, actually a tarball : ORBit-20000902. I
> also tried ORBit-0.5.7 but the obit-idl compiler does not likes my idl
> files (if I run it, it takes all the available memory, and never stops).
> Can somebody help me? Is there a newer  version? Where? (I can't access
> the from where I think I got this version, my
> browser just times out!)
> [snip]

I belive you have a truly invalid IOR:


$ ior-decode 
Tags known:

Object ID: IDL:LA/Listenansicht:1.0
Profile count: 2

Profile type: TAG_INTERNET_IOP
Object endian: Little
IIOP version: 1.0
Port: -14067
Object key: ".VB.....VBRootPOA/boa_tp.   ....28  :.=....."

Profile type: TAG_INTERNET_IOP
[DEBUG   ]: CDR_buffer_gets: attempt to read past end of buffer


(Output produced by ior-decode from ORBit 0.5.6)

Note: the port number is just printed as a signed short, not unsigned, so 
that should not be the problem.

And when I try iordump from MICO 2.3.1, I get "error: illegal object 
reference", so it's not only ORBit that cannot handle your IOR.

-\- David Eriksson -/-

"An expert in a particular computer language is really an expert
in the work-arounds necessary to use this language to perform 
useful work." - Richard B. Johnson

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