Re: Question about multithread client

What if one initializes a seperate orb for each thread?  Is it still
unsafe?  Or is that OK?

On Fri, Feb 02, 2001 at 04:52:33PM +0100, Sebastian Wilhelmi wrote:
> Hi Zhong,
> > I have some question about ORBit based CORBA client.
> > In that client program , we used multithread process.
> > I want to know if ORBit can deal mt request ok. I have
> > download ORBit-mt from wilhelmi's homepage , but I find
> > nothing about MT CORBA Client(There are all about server).
> > I need help . I want to know if ORBit is ok or I need
> > ORBit-mt.
> If you want to use ORBit from just one thread, then you use the vanilla ORBit
> version. If however your client calls CORBA methods from multiple threads, you
> have to use ORBit-mt.
> Bye,
> Sebastian

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