Re: Java / ORBIT and IORs

Please TRY this:

1) Include BOTH client/server in BOTH your hosts file, even if you use DNS
2) change the lo name ( where it says localhost.localdomain to
yourservername and the alias on both client/server.
3) make sure you have an /etc/orbitrc file and OMIT IPv6 for testing. You
should have USock and IPv4 =1

thse are my routine tests. after I get it working I start finding out why

try it and let me know.

Best Regards,
Alejandro Imass

Howard Price wrote:

> In my original message I quoted the IOR that was generated by the ORBit
> server and the decoded information - showing that it was using a local Unix
> port AND a TCPIP port
> >Profile type: TAG_ORBIT_SPECIFIC
> >Object endian: Little
> >IIOP version: 1.0
> >Socket path: /tmp/orbit-howard/orb-7463150941831763966
> >IPv6 port: 0
> >Object key: "........"
> >
> >Profile type: TAG_INTERNET_IOP
> >Object endian: Little
> >IIOP version: 1.0
> >Host: Dev01
> >Port: 4462
> >Object key: "........"
> Therefore I believe that the help given does not help here.
> Any other suggestions?
> Howard
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