Merging ORBit-c++ into ORBit2 ...

Hi Sam / guys,

        I just looked over orbitcpp, and it looks great for inclusion into

        However I'm slightly concerned about the C++ being used in the IDL
compiler; I would prefer this to be migrated to plain C, and always linked
into the idl compiler - rather than having a conditional C++ build [
although we will need this anyway for building the core ].

        Also it's worth asking the release team about this;

        Are you guys happy to add C++ support to the ORB ? this is a
highly peripheral feature; it should involve precicely no changes to the
existing C ORB, since the C++ code is merely wrappers around it.

        There will be some new C++ code that we'll need to install in
various places - but no particularly new standards or APIs - beyond that
of complying with the C++ CORBA binding spec.

        What do you think ? otherwise I'll import it into CVS and have a
go at hooking up the autoconf gubbins - that is if Sam / Murray are happy
to do the work on making it fly ?



--  <><, Pseudo Engineer, itinerant idiot

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