Re: Mailing List archives ....???

Although it looks like Michael has figured it out, probably
what he was having problems with is that the old archives

Are not active any more, though they are still on the server,
and the curretn archives are at:

All the links on point to the new location,
but if you have bookmarks pointing to the old location,
you should update them.

(I didn't put a redirect up because the article numbers
are different and I want old links to archived posts
to remain valid.)


Michael Rumpf <michael rumpfonline de> writes:

> OK, forget it !! :-) 
> They came up again a few minutes after my post....!
> Michael
> > Hi,
> > 
> > what is wrong with the mailing list archives on ? The
> > september archive stops at the 4th of september...???
> > 
> > All the recent mails are missing... :-( They used to be available there
> > immediately after the demon distributed the mail !
> > 
> > Michael

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